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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. (Editorial Page) "Edison's Greatest Invention" by Brian Mulconrey

"On his 80th birthday in 1927, Thomas Edison was asked by a reporter what he considered to be his greatest invention. The reporter was surprised and a little confused when Edison promptly replied, 'The research laboratory...' The idea of engaging employees in exploring the systemic relationships inherent in problems and opportunities facing the enterprise runs counter to many action oriented cultures. But extending Edison's greatest invention to create these "laboratories of organizational learning" may end up being the most important factor in growing a quality organization." 

Brian Mulconrey is the author of the upcoming book "Tomorrow's Enterprises: 101 News Reports From The Future" and is founder of Tomorrow's Enterprises Corporation whose mission is - to help organizations to identify and implement profitable new enterprises.

Since 1990 he has served as president of BG Mulconrey, Inc. a change project management and innovation consulting firm. Brian's formal training in exploring the enterprises of tomorrow began in the mid 1990's at Global Business Network's Scenario Planning Training Seminar. From 1998 until the GBN World View Membership program was discontinued in 2006 Brian served as host for GBN's web-based member conversations blog.

Brian has worked with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies as well as credit cooperatives and innovative consulting firms to imagine and implement new enterprise strategies including:

AT Kearney  
CUNA Mutual Group
Dell, Inc
Fidelity Life Association

Financial Service Corp

Force Diagnostics, Inc. (point of care startup)
Global Business Network

Keystone Equities Group
Microelectronics Computer Corporation (MCC)

Pacific Life

Principal Financial Group
Strategos, Inc
Trilogy, Inc
Turing AI, LLC

World Council of Credit Unions

He has helped leaders to successfully implement change programs involving both large scale integration projects and small-scale strategic conversations with powerful results. Because he has served as a consultant for over 20 years, many of Brian's points of view are a matter of public record (see article quotes in the right column).

Brian holds an MS in financial services from the American College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He also holds a series of financial services industry professional designations and is recognized as a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute.

In his spare time Brian explores the enterprises of tomorrow using a "news report from the future" format. In 2006 he created and endowed an annual writing competition at MIT called the Enterprise Poets Prize in Imagining A Future.

Brian lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - -
Margaret Mead

"The important thing is not to stop questioning." - - Albert Einstein

"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." - - Thomas Edison

"Criticize through creating." - - Michelangelo

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In his upcoming book Tomorrow’s Enterprises futurist and innovation consultant Brian Mulconrey reports from a series of future checkpoints over the next few decades to explore what enterprises might emerge from six forces driving the future of innovation TODAY.

These news reports from the future are vividly illustrated with inspiration from the work of today’s leading scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and philosophers. The brief “trips into the future” used in the book represent a powerful tool for understanding the impact of these forces on today's decisions..


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Published Articles...

March 27, 2014 - (Employee Benefit Plan Review) - How Private Exchanges will Revolutionize Life Insurance Distribution - "Last November IBM announced that they were making their Watson Platform (notable as the World Jeopardy Champion) available to developers via a “Watson cloud” infrastructure. Why not develop Concierge Wellness Advisory Riders powered by Watson or other cognitive computing technologies designed to improve employee health and deliver advice in the event of a new health condition?"

October 2, 2013 - Site - Terms of Privacy: This news report from the future is designed as a thought experiment to explore one possible future for personal information assets…

Sunday, July 4, 2021 – Philadelphia Hard to believe that it was just six years ago that the first Terms of Privacy (TOP) apps burst onto the market in a big way and began the process of rapidly transforming first the world of online advertising and then virtually everything else. As we all know, the idea of consumers using an app to “counter” standard terms of service agreements with their own “terms” was fiercely resisted at first. “What nerve! Don’t they realize that the only appropriate response is to click the I Agree button?

February 2013 - A New Deal for Personal Information Assets by Brian Mulconrey - The “Help Yourself” all you can eat information buffet that has characterized the first two decades of the commercial Internet is about to close. The new deal for personal information assets will be driven by a combination of forces. (Continued...)

March 2010 - Our Billion Dollar Health Records Business (National Underwriter Magazine) by Ciaran Brady and Brian Mulconrey - Over the next five years US health care costs are projected to grow to 20% of GDP. There is widespread agreement on very few things surrounding this issue but one piece of common ground is with the idea that investments in wellness and early detection of disease pay off many times over in reducing long term costs and extending life spans... Can the (life insurance) industry leverage investments and expertise in compiling personal health records into profitable products and services that puts the customer in control of their personal health information while contributing to their long term health and wellness? (Continued...)

March 2008 - Four Futures for Personal Information (DMA Financial Services Conference) by Brian Mulconrey - "Looking out over the horizon, there are four major forces amassing that could dramatically change the current personal information landscape over the next seven years, including: Personal Health Records (PHR) - Out of Control Information Security -  New Physical Security Concerns - InfoAsset Business Models..." (Continued...)

November 2007 - London Business School LABNOTES - Strategy Inspiration - Poetry Inc by Brian Mulconrey - Webster’s Dictionary defines strategy as, “the art of devising or employing plans or stratagems toward a goal.” The difficulty with this definition is not what it says about creating strategies but what it leaves unsaid. Devising plans, employing plans, and reaching goals sounds very tidy. But this is like describing songwriting as the art of devising lyrics and employing musical arrangements, toward a goal. Something is missing... (Continued on Page 5...)

September/October 2005 - The Futurist Magazine - Personal Information Asset Manager Scenario by Brian Mulconrey - "At present, our personal information is spread over thousands of computers. Information transactions involving us constantly take place without our knowledge or permission. We even pay organizations to sell our own credit rating information back to us… Hiring a manager to handle our personal information assets might seem impractical or even risky. But we hire professional asset managers to handle our money, so one solution might be to do the same for our valuable personal information. In the mutual fund industry, professional investment managers have transformed the aggregated investments of millions of small investors into the most powerful group of institutional investors in the world." (Continued...)

World Future Society NEWS RELEASE - Your Personal Information in the 21st Century

June 20, 2005 - NPR - This I Believe Series - The Pursuit of Equality by Brian Mulconrey - "I'll never fully understand Thomas Jefferson's decision to continue the family plantation and own slaves. Yet, while he chose to live within that economic system, he believed that citizens devoted to the pursuit of equality would one day invent an America and a world where equality was self-evident…When I open a can of coffee today I'm reminded of the fact that the price includes the meager wages of Ethiopian children living and dying under horrendous conditions. I wonder what future generations of Americans will think of the economic system in which I choose to live. I believe that the most important challenge that we all face in the 21st century is the pursuit of equality everywhere in the world." (Continued...)

September 2001 - CIO Magazine - The R in CRM by Brian Mulconrey - "Creating relationships means investing in software and highly customized service initiatives that transform isolated memories into a shared story that links you and your customer. Without the context provided by these shared stories, you'll have trouble finding any R in your CRM—or in your ROI." (Continued...)

November 1998 - The Role of Brands in the Digital Economy (White Paper produced for EDS/AT Kearney, Grocery Manufacturer's Association, and The Institute for the Future) - "As more users gain access to increasingly sophisticated search and product-comparison tools, we expect users themselves to revolutionize traditional modes of mass marketing...As networked communities grow, they will develop buying strength and eventually be able to negotiate as a group to reduce premium prices paid for branded products. In the process, they will change the balance of power between consumers, distributors and manufacturers." (Continued...)

May 1997- Financial Planning Magazine SECURITIES - A Secure Online Environment by Brian Mulconrey and Jim Wisner, CEO, FSC, Inc. - "The real significance of the Internet is that, for the first time, we have a set of commonly accepted tools that allow us to weave together channels of financial information from computers anywhere in the world…The emergence of open technology standards is actually rendering the big players' proprietary networks obsolete. For example, providing clients with access to account information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no longer requires a large proprietary network. An open network can be created that distributes system investment over large numbers of smaller players."

May 1994 - R&D Innovator - Organizational Learning Laboratories by Brian Mulconrey - "In addition to creating connections among employees throughout the organization, these technology tools can also help us design process innovations that bind customers to us in new ways.  For example, each winter holiday season, some toy manufacturers are caught without adequate inventories because of the unexpected popularity of a given toy.  As interactive multimedia technologies are delivered by cable and telephone lines to the home, linkages between children's television programs, video games, and toys based on individual characters can provide powerful real-time information for establishing just-in-time inventory levels." 

March/April, 1994 - Research/Technology Management - "Create An Organizational Learning Laboratory" by Brian Mulconrey - "To meet this leadership challenge, we must engage employees in every corner of the organization in exploring the systemic interconnections between the needs of the customer, current/future technologies, and the production system."

December 1993 - Credit Union Executive - BANKING - "Creative Visions of Your Future" - by Gary Cutler and Brian Mulconrey - "So in this scenario, within seven to nine years, you'd be able to provide (credit union) members with access to a full-service branch from their homes." (the proposed media was the "Information Superhighway" aka The Internet)

July 2, 1993 - The Journal of Commerce - Jefferson's Leadership Legacy by Brian Mulconrey - "In an increasingly knowledge-based economy, successful organizations are trading the "illusion of control" sustained by fear for a seemingly "out of control" responsiveness sustained by a culture of openness and continuous learning." (Referenced in the Jefferson Digital Archive at the University of Virginia)

March 1986 - American Marketing Association - Services Marketing Speech (reprinted in Bests Review Magazine)INSURANCE - High Tech That Creates High Touch by Brian Mulconrey - In the early 1980s a number of high-tech predictions were made concerning the future of the life/health industry. One of these predictions, based on a commodity-oriented view of the insurance product, was that consumers would submit insurance applications through home videotex terminals. A good deal of business may be sold using combinations of direct marketing and in-home communications media as these technologies mature...



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